Science Warehouse was born at the University of Leeds in March 2000.

David Hames was working at the University as an academic and research group leader and was frustrated at the inefficiencies of ordering research reagents using paper-based procurement from thousands of supplier hard-copy catalogues. The initial idea was simple; use the web to automate and optimise the process.

David approached Jonathan Betts, a business development manager at the University’s technology transfer business, and together they drafted a business plan, securing multi-million pound funding from the Forward Innovation Fund for the new company.

Forming a new technology company in March 2000 was not the best of timing! The dot com bubble burst that month and the next few years were "challenging". Thanks to the constant backing of Ray Chamberlain (the entrepreneur behind the Fund), a formidably talented team of Science Warehouse staff, and some visionary university customers, Science Warehouse prospered.

By 2011, according to the Plimsoll Report on the UK e-business software industry, Science Warehouse was the 9th fastest growing company in this market sector. In the middle of an economic downturn that year, we grew revenue by 43% compared to an industry average of minus 2%.

Today we are still growing fast. We are the leading e-marketplace provider in the UK research public sector and have successfully entered several new markets with an increasing number of P2P clients in the UK corporate sector, Europe, and North America. The future looks bright!

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